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Gastric Botox is a non-surgical procedure guided by endoscopy and  is also known as Stomach Botox or Gastric Botox injection for weight loss. It is a non-surgical procedure that helps people who are significantly overweight and those that are finding it difficult to lose weight. 

How Does Gastric Botox Work?

Gastric Botox works by helping to speed up weight loss by relaxing the stomach muscles, which in turn  causes  fewer muscle contractions. The stomach Botox injection’s main aim is to reduce a patient’s appetite and therefore reduce the intake of food. In this way it is much easier to maintain a balanced healthy diet aimed at losing weight, 

Through limiting the  functions of the stomach muscles, the food that the patient has eaten remains in the stomach for a much longer time. In this way over time the patient does not feel hungry and so this results in an overall lose of appetite without causing any bodily harm.  

​Gastric Botox shows its effect within 2-3 days and lasts about 6 months. One must keep in mind that this technique helps you to lose weight, but if you there is no commitment to a healthy diet and constant exercise,  it will not work as much as it should.

​Are You The Right Person For This Procedure?

Gastric Botox is a suitable method for almost anyone who wants to lose weight; However, in order for this application to be performed, the person must also have some criteria. One of the most important criteria is that the patient does not have diseases such as ulcers as it may cause more serious problems.
​Gastric Botox is appropriate for individuals who suffer from excess weight or those who have problems with appetite control. It is also an efficient alternative for those who have tried to take on a healthy lifestyle without the changes they expected. 

This treatment is not appropriate to treat all obesity statuses.  People who suffer from a significant increase in weight are not all qualified to take part in this procedure.  There are many types of weight-loss procedures. The question is,
how can I know that I am suitable for Gastric Botox?

Usually this procedure is suitable for people with a BMI ( body mass indicator) less than 35, If you are trying to decide what treatment is best for the results you desire, contact us today to book an appointment with our resident specialist. 

What to expect in the Procedure?

 Gastric Botox surgery is an endoscopic procedure and it consists of the injection of botulinum toxin  in approximately 20 places in the stomach wall muscles to relax them. Before starting the procedure, the specialist may use an oral spray to reduce any discomfort. Then the endoscopy will be inserted from your mouth down into the stomach. Furthermore, the specialist will also inject Botox to block the stomach’s central nerve, which controls feelings of hunger and satiety so that you will feel full more quickly and for longer than usual after the procedure. 

The procedure takes approximately 20-25 minutes and the patient is observed also after but an overnight stay is not required, A patient can go back home and continue with their daily routine the following day

Another reason why stomach Botox application is an increasingly popular weight loss method is that there is usually no pain or vomiting problem after the application. In case of pain or similar complications, these complications are usually easy to eliminate and harmless.

  Regular doctor check ups during and after this process can also be done to ensure the success of the surgery and make it easier for the person to get used to the weight loss process.

​Pre and Post Operative Instructions

Pre-operative instructions

– If the patient has harmful habits like drinking alcohol and smoking, it is recommended not to drink alcohol and smoking approximately 1 week before the application day
– Eating some food should be stopped 8 hours before the procedure
– It is necessary to stop drinking water 6 hours before
– If you smoke, you should not smoke a few hours before the application

Post-operative instructions

– You can return to your normal life 2 hours after the procedure
– You need to act according to the diet that the dietitian recommends
– You need to meet with a dietician once a week during 3 months after procedure (you can also come for an examination, if you cannot, you need to talk remotely over the phone.
– You have not use any alcohol during 2 days after the procedure